Sunday, March 15, 2020

Artistic Interpretations #2 - Pond Lillies

Welcome to Artistic Interpretations.  Above is a vintage postcard entitled Pond Lillies.  I purchased this and it is coming in the mail - I can't wait to add it to my junk journal that is entitled "A Weaver of Dreams" and of course I will have a poem to go with it.  My junk journal has ribbons, trinkets, vintage stickers, envelopes made from old books - I will showcase it here one day.  But on with the challenge...

You may interpret this image in any artistic way that pleases you.  Poetry, Prose, Drawing, Painting, Quilting, Photography, Junk Journaling, etc.

One may link work that has already been done, an old poem, perhaps a poem reworked, a sketch from a few years ago.  I like to celebrate work that has been done (but it must relate to the theme)

Of course, new work inspired by this image is highly regarded as well!  I prefer new, but we all have pieces we would like to share again, so please do.

There are three requirements.

1)  Link your specific blog post to Mr. Linky (NOT your blog itself).

2)  Please link this challenge at the bottom of your blog post.

3)   Please visit and comment on the other entries.  This challenge will remain open from March 15 - March 31 (midnight) and then the next challenge will be posted the first of April.   Be sure to check back throughout the two weeks this prompt remains open in order to give support to those who link up later.

Thank you, and I look forward to your Artistic Interpretations.  If you have any questions, please leave them in comments.


  1. Thank you for providing another outlet of inspiration. We truly need it these days.

    1. Susie, thanks for joining in. I always enjoy your clever poetic words.

  2. Msrgaret, I Love this photo and fell in love with the lady on the leaf. So I had big inspirations but only wrote a 10-liner rhyming ditty instead.
    The Finish group mostly needs interpretation so if you get interested I hope for you that your computer will do that. I have to paste to an outside site, I use google, as my computer has crashed in November. I use my Galaxy 8 smartphone or a "few" times Mrs. Jim's. I cane across them as a blogging friend, Ritta from Finiland, writes with the site owner. She writes with the group, the only one now, as I have slowed, on weekends.
    Again, I like your site and keep on keep'n on.
    Do you have any history for this post card?

    1. I don't know the background of this post card. I just liked it :) As you know, our world has changed a bit these past few days and I was busy organizing school days for my youngest two... That's why the delay in seeing you posted here. Thank you! I am off to read your poem. I'll check out Ritta :)